a class project
Throughout the semester we discussed and explored various issues. In the final weeks of the course decided to examine how we live connected lives with ever-present devices. We proposed a new way of leveraging our daily digital interactions to foster human connection and social engagement. I created the logo, worked on app mock-up layouts. I was lucky to be Project Coordinator, planning and compiling the finalized deliverable (pictured). It was a unique experience to see the project from a distinct role, managing a team and driving a unified creative direction.
four posterboards created as deliverables.
application mock-ups and the report cover
first act as project coordinator - quick templates to decide what was needed before dividing into sub-teams
Hertz&Hearts: The name works on many levels. By proving the existence of waves Heinrich Hertz created the groundwork for our wireless connected world. Frequency, as it happens, is a key debate amongst mobile users today.
The Logo: Two hears in one place. The altered outlines begin to make out the & of a grotesk typeface. The overlap creates an iconic digital maps location pin. 
Collaboraters: Kwantlen Polytechnic University DEPD 2310 Class FALL 2014 (see report for full list)
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