N+ Platform is a modular, open-source bike shoe platform for the changing world. For the growing discipline of bikepacking, riders need a shoe that can pedal all day over mountains and doesn’t quit where the rideable trail ends. A single shoe for riding, hiking and hanging around camp without sacrificing performance or comfort. The pleated carbon fiber core delivers power to the pedals while the toe, forward of the pedal, is free to articulate for off-bike endeavours.
N+ is an additive-enabled design that is serviceable and easily customized with a conventional 3D printer and a domestic sewing machine. A fit-to-measure shoe that can run, with smooth treads and breathable uppers in the summer, and soft aggressive treads with insulated waterproof uppers for winter expeditions. The platform forgoes traditional shoe construction through minimal tooling and adhesive-free assembly. As a concept, it addresses the potential of new manufacturing technologies and consumers’ changing expectations for product ownership.

Finalist for HackadayPrize2017

This additive-enabled performance cycling shoe is manufacturable in a home studio or maker space with minimal special tooling. The open design explores how products and ownership models will change in the future. Customizable! Parametric design is sized to the user's foot and printed to fit at the desired density. Its interchangeable parts come together without adhesives, textiles stitch to the frame, which is held with pressure and screws to the tread. The printed TPU tread can be swapped out for various riding conditions - aggressive tread for the mud, or slick sole for gravel and urban areas or replaced and recycled into new filament once they've worn down. The textile uppers can be modified, or repaired so a single shoe can work in any season, and for many seasons. Similar to RepRap 3D printers, the open-source platform will allow entrepreneurs and tinkerers to share or sell tread designs, manufactured parts, or textile uppers and patterns. A reduced complexity shoe design that can be created with conventional domestic machines.
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