finished garment
guidelines to relay to client, establishing frameworks for sharing inspiration and research, 'icing the cake' with a matching bag to contain deliverables
Heavy cotton duck was chosen for it's durability and strength. Additional polyester patches were added in high-wear contact areas on the thigh and cuff. Articulation was added with a rear yoke, darted knee and a crotch gusset. Details were added to the front pockets to make them more secure, organized. 
technical illustration and final garment
As project manager I incited collaboration and established a framework for a unified direction. I relayed that intent throughout the duration of the project. Tasks were broken down to maximize team proficiencies. I compiled the concept document to relay intention to the client. Proactively monitored productivity and timeline while keeping spirits up. I also did shown illustrations, graphics, and spec pack
Project Contributors
Alma Tabareh, Jason Guo, Sherry Chang, Stephen de Gouveia, Ivan Medina, Karl Friesen, Cody Botto-Brunsmann, Sandra Manrique, Marc Wilkinson
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